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Estonian Ambassador to Lithuania Presents Credentials


Estonian Ambassador to the Republic of Lithuania Tiit Naber presented his credentials to Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus on Monday, 13 October.

In the discussion with the Lithuanian president that followed the credential-presenting ceremony, Ambassador Tiit Naber expressed his satisfaction over the strong and multi-faceted co-operation that takes place between Estonia and Lithuania. The ambassador emphasised that aside from official and political contacts, there is also intense and meaningful co-operation in the areas of climate, energy, the economy, and culture.

Naber stated that it is essential to speak with once voice in the EU, NATO, and the Baltic Sea region, so that we can be stronger and our views will be heard. “Considering that our primary priorities and principles are similar, updating and further developing our current co-operation structures would help to ensure security for Estonia and Lithuania, as well the well-being of their people,” Naber said in his speech during the ceremony.

Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus also stressed that in light of the worrisome developments in the world economy and the recent events in Georgia, it is extremely necessary for the Baltic nations, Poland and the Nordic countries to keep together and have intensive regional co-operation on all levels. Adamkus stated that Estonia and Lithuania together must work directly and quickly to guarantee the countries' economy growth, regional development, and safety.

Ambassador Tiit Naber was born on 7 July 1952. He graduated as a mechanical engineer from Tallinn Polytechnic Institute. In 1992, Naber began to work at the Foreign Ministry. From 1993-1997, Naber was Estonia's charge d'affaires ad interim in Norway. Follwing that, he worked in the Foreign Ministry as a trade negotiator, and from 1998-1999 he was the director general of the Ministry's external economic policy department. In July of 1999, President Lennart Meri named Tiit Naber Estonia's ambassador to Ukraine, and in May 2000 he was named ambassador to Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Moldova. From 2002-2003, Naber was an adviser in the Foreign Ministry external economic policy department. He was chairman of the Council of Baltic Sea States' committee of senior officials from 2003-2004, and beginning in 2004 Tiit Naber was the deputy permanent representative of Estonia in the European Union.

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